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CyberTel’s Contact Center is a multichannel communication solution that enables organizations to improve customer experience by tracking customer interactions and facilitating more effective communications.


A single web-based application that helps businesses streamline the sales process and bolster customer satisfaction, relationships, and loyalty. It’s also simple to configure and manage thanks to an intuitive graphical user interface, which delivers valuable customer insights.

It enables online conversions, inbound and outbound mail, inbound and outbound telephony, web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and web self-service.



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Telephony, e-mail, Chat, web self-service, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, FAQs

250+ Contact Center Features


Choose your preferred channel


Do You Want to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty?

Your company receives customer requests from a variety channels — phone, email, webchat, etc. This makes it difficult to communicate effectively and consistently with your customers.

With CyberTel, you’ll be able to manage online conversions, email, telephony, webchat, and web self-service from one platform. Not only does this streamline customer engagement, but it will also enable you to improve customer satisfaction, sales, and company trust.

While your team has grown comfortable with transferring calls across departments, customers find that they must repeat themselves 2-3 times before they finally receive an answer from the right person.

With CyberTel’s Contact Center, you will be able to keep track of call histories and notes, so your staff can more efficiently handle customer queries. You will also have access to our intelligent call routing mechanism and be able to record and preserve calls

Maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty by building custom experiences with Livecom’s suite of communication and engagement services.

Good customer engagement requires more than good software. Every business is unique, meaning that communication channels need to be structured according to their particular needs and requirements. Livecom will actively collaborate with you to help you set up your Contact Center to meet these requirements.

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The Contact Center Is Modular

CyberTel’s Contact Center comes packaged with a base module.
The standard for free included base modules are:

Management Site (Configuration)


Agent Desktop


Customer Contact Database

Agent to Agent Chat

Agent Chat Broadcasting

Support & Help

The Contact Center is Omni-Channel, choose your preferred channels

From the base module, you’ll be able to select the contact channels necessary for your company’s requirements.

Inbound & Outbound Telephony

Inbound & Outbound Mail

Webchat (live chat)


Facebook Messenger


ProActive Chat

Web Self-Services

Contact Forms

Agent Knowledge Base



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